Thursday, December 1, 2016


Hello Friends,

The festive Christmas season is officially here!  Christmas carols are being played on the radio, the stores are filled with decorations and the malls are buzzing with shoppers running to and fro.

As you prepare for this holiday season what is on your bucket list?  What do you hope or wish to accomplish this Christmas?  What does your perfect Christmas look like?  Is it filled with moments with family and friends?  Is is helping those less fortunate?  Is it sipping coffee or hot chocolate by an open fire?  Maybe your perfect Christmas is spending a few days in a chalet in the mountains.  Whatever it is...plan to make it happen.  Create a Christmas bucket list.  

My Bucket List includes (but is certainly not limited to)...

Taking a walk in the snow
Sitting by the Christmas tree
Coffee and good friends
Skating on a pond
Donating toys to children
Reading a Christmas novel
Baking cookies
Decorating a gingerbread house
Making handmade Christmas cards
and most importantly....reflecting on the birth of Jesus!

Take the time to decide what will make this season memorable to you and make it happen.  

Christmas only comes around once a year...ENJOY.

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